Counter Vanity Tops
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Custom Projects

Here are some of the custom interior projects Homestone Concrete has provided for various customers. Projects such as these are usually custom colored and custom sized. Fireplace hearths are available up to 8 foot long with either chiseled or ground round over edge. Hearths are available in any of the colors on the color library boards as well as any of the finishes on the finish library boards. There is also a ground finish that exposes the aggregate and looks like terrazzo.
Vanity, island countertops and tabletops are available as well. These tops are precast in our shop. Homestone concrete does not provide any onsite pouring or installation services. Exact measurements or templates are given to us, we then fabricate the top in our shop and then the top is picked up or shipped out when complete. This fabrication system goes for fireplace hearths as well.
Homestone Concrete has also provided shower seats, shower sills, all types of transition sills , slab walls and slab floor panels. Slabs can be produces up to 8 feet long and as thin as 3/8” thick .