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Homestone offers two distinct lines of concrete tile, the premium handcrafted tile and the traditional tile. The premium handcrafted concrete tile line offers the most extensive choice in color, shapes, designs and finishes. This line is highly customizable and requires a sample before each order is produced. Premium tile orders are handmade and put into production only after the sample is approved .Orders take 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Homestone offers premium tile design boards and library boards for idea generation however these boards are not to be used as identical representations of the premium tiles. Concrete tile will vary widely run to run due to sand and cement variations, color stain variations as well as sealer variations from batch to batch. This is why samples are imperative for the premium line.
Traditional tile is less customizable and uses different concrete mix design, coloring system and finish sealer than premium tile. Therefore, traditional tile cost less than the premium and usually takes less time to produce. Traditional tile offers far fewer options in shapes, color and finish options however, traditional tile can be used inside and outside whereas premium tile is recommended for interior use only.
Concrete tile is NOT stone or porcelain tile, concrete has a different look and texture. Furthermore, concrete tiles are handmade and will have their own personality. Small imperfections, shading and color variations are to be expected and celebrated. These variations are what make the concrete tile look natural and give it character. Never try to mimic or replace another tile with concrete tile it is always simpler and usually cheaper to just use the tile you are trying to copy.